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The ebb and flow of time…

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I like to think I’m maturing in the Lord. Some of you may very well beg to differ. I say this, however, as despite the ebb and flow of life, I’m learning that it’s all about timing. That life runs in seasons; some longer, some shorter, some sweeter, and some not so much.

What I want and when I want it, or how I expect things to work out, is typically not the way the Lord sees it happening. I’m learning this is OK. It’s not always easy, but it is OK.

You know where this process started? Red lights.

There was a time when I would literally hit every single red light. Every one. This grew so old so very quick. But in the still of my frustration, there was this small voice and He said this: “Do you know what I’m keeping you from?”

In the smallness of my mind I went to traffic accidents and all the calamity that can happen out in our streets, but that is not really what He meant.

“Do you know what I’m keeping you from?”

He was keeping me from the world. The hustle, the bustle, the distraction, the filling of my schedule so much so there would have been no thought of Him and no room for Him.

For He alone is worthy to be praised. Nothing in and of this world is so deserving of my time and attention. If my time and attention is in and of the world, then it is for and by Jesus and His Holy Spirit that I work, and not of my own accord.

The perception of my heart is wicked and misleading. It is at odds with my spirit, which works with His, so that it is His hands and feet and not mine.

For a time such is this.

I love You and Your faithfulness.  Thank you Jesus.


So in the period of less than 7 days my family has lost two precious people.  Why do we use the word lost.  We know where they are, living out what the Scriptures promise us for those who believe in Jesus.

My bride’s Gram was 90 years old. What a woman. She admits to having a good life and was happy right to the end of her days.  She is a woman who knew how to love people. She was infectious this way. Always had a smile, always welcomed, and always gave. Her work ethic is like one I’ve not seen before.

She and her husband, who everyone calls Papa, raised a wonderful family who live their lives the same way.  Though this ethic is seen in all her children, I see it in the women I am most familiar with, Carol, Gram’s daughter, and Carol’s daughter, Christy Joy, my bride. This ethic is so infectious, I believe it most definitely part of their DNA.

The legacy continues.

My step dad, Howard, was 95. What a man. This is a man who lived his life to serve God and people. He was a Levite, in that his title was Minister of Music. He was in charge of all the choirs. Not just voice, but bells also. He would take groups of people and travel the world, spreading the joy of music and God, as well as bringing a cultural experience to those who were a part. That is just the part of him I knew and benefited from. My understanding is that he was the same way before I met him.

My dad died when I was 14. This drove my mom and I to church, where we both met Howard.

Just how great is our God, that He would help me to build a relationship with this wonderful man for a couple years, before he and my mom would marry.

The widower meets the widow, and life grows anew.

Only God.

I remember the morning my mom asked me what I thought if she were to marry Howard. I was so happy for her and Howard. It was perfect.

I look at death much differently now, as I learn what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. It helps all the more to know my Grams and Howard, my second earthly father, knew Jesus, because I know there is no more pain, no more sorrow, and they are healed completely and made new in the presence of Jesus.

Yes I feel the loss, I feel the pain, but joy comes in the morning as we celebrate life on this side of heaven and raise a beautiful daughter, Carol Sue. It will be the influence of these two beautiful people that will help us do this.

Their life has not ended, but has started a new season. There memory and influence will continue on.

I praise and thank God for their life and love.