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As I sit here and contemplate the day, life, and what is going on around me, I watch our beautiful daughter sleeping.

She’s starting to stir and wake up, preparing herself for her day, none the wiser to the world and what is going on outside of her little world.

I think about my friends and family that have serious life struggles. I think about the world and the many different areas of uncertainty that loom around us. From the epidemic heroin addiction that is ravaging our society, to the never ending storms, fires, and numerous other disasters that never seem to cease making the headlines.

I think about the future our little girl has. What will be here for her? What will she have to deal with? Will she be prepared, will she be strong enough, will she live well?

I think about the Truth. I think about the Word of God. I think about my faith. I think about my position in this house.

I think about my shortcomings, my doubt, my sin.

I think about my sons, who are decades ahead of their sister.

Two words:

But God…

He is the same yesterday, today, and will be the same tomorrow.  He is unchanging in the midst of His forever changing and decaying creation.

Jesus: the way, the truth, the life. The Word made flesh. The light. Living Water. Food that sustains. He is shelter. He is our all in all, in a world that has nothing to offer towards our eternity.

There was a time in my life where I had no hope, and only pain and despair. I focused on the things of the world, money, relationships, things, all of which I have none of from years gone by. Not in the capacity they were intended anyhow.

Shiloh’s Farm has taught me so much about myself, about life, and about Jesus.

I have learned to let go of the plans that I have established, and allow God’s plan to manifest.

I have learned that we as humans constantly try and build the tower of Babel. In all things. Mostly in the way we over manage, change, manipulate, and work this thing called life around us.  We try and play god. A gross mistake.

I have learned about Jesus and that He is present everywhere in this farm. From the animals and their character, and how they are used to shape me, in the midst of my care of them. And that when we let Him work, things go much smoother, than if I try and make things work. Schedules, priorities, all belong to Him. It is my job to pay attention to what He is saying and what He is doing and to do likewise.

He has met me in His Word. He has met me in prayer. He has met me in studies.

I do not believe in coincidence, so when there is an aspect of any of theses things that positively impact my life by giving confirmation, rebuking, building up, and/or guiding, it is from Him.

So, in the midst of all of life’s uncertainties, one thing is certain:



7 mountain mandate/prophecy – dominionism

So, I’ve heard quite a bit lately and read a bit on what people are calling the 7 mountain mandate/prophecy, what ever it is to be called.

After reading Revelations 17, where the 7 mountains are mentioned, and comparing them to what people have draw up to be the 7 mountain mandate, I’ll finish this up here.

There are some people who feel that the mandate calls people into the 7 different areas of our society, as listed in the original blog post about 7 mountains. It originated out of the minds of men, to which I can not claim whether it is from God or not. It isn’t my call.

When I read about the 7 mountains the harlot sits on, I see that personally as a warning to me.

These are areas I need to guard myself against and ensure that I’m not of these areas. That, though I may be in them, there is no portion that has become an idol, a distraction, or otherwise dragging me into sin.

Essentially guarding my eye gates and my remaining senses, and not filling myself with the things of this world.

I’m grateful for my gift of grace as I live life and for my measure of faith, as I gaze upon the eastern sky, waiting for it to split and see my Savior ride in to take us home.


Business- mountain #2

Image result for business

Just for the record, I’m taking the different mountains in the same order as the picture.  There isn’t a priority to the order listed as I see it.


What a category that covers a lot of ground with a lot of layers.  Business as the business itself.  Business as it impacts society.  Business as it impacts employees.  Business as it impacts the boss.  Business as it impacts families. Business as it impacts you.  

Here is where foundation and focus becomes vital, because as I continue to read and study, this mountain can be more like quick sand, and suck its victims down before they even realize they are in trouble. I’m also speaking from experience.  

What is your definition of success?  And where are you placing your focus when it comes to achieving your vision?

I just read in a devo this week by Paul David Tripp, called New Morning Mercies. He stated that we either serve the creation or the creator.

What a slippery slope this can be. 

As we live this thing called life, and are called to be in this world and not of it, the business of life can be a tough one to navigate. This world is very savvy when it comes to pecking away at our psyche helping us to believe we need to keep up with our neighbors when it comes to stuff, that the more money we have the happier and easier life will be, and that new is best and old is out dated. I have such a love hate relationship with my Iphone.  If you don’t update, it seems to slow your phone down and it begins to act glitchy.  But if you do update, it takes up more space on your phone, which is limited and then there’s the apps, which is a whole different topic. Sometimes it works great, other times I’d rather have a string and tin can, and then there is the dollars and cents to not just own it, but keeping it.

Have you ever tried to take a back step from a smart phone to a older style flip phone? If you haven’t, prepare yourself for a battle between flesh and spirit!  Seriously, wow!

I’ve worked for small local business, international business, (ok, it was McDonald’s), and government. All the while trying to work out that fine balance between living life and earning what I need to live life. In my early years it was chasing the money as a means to buy me happiness.  If I made more, I’d save more, I’d have more to spend, and be able to do what I want, when I want, and the world would be mine to enjoy.

Needless to say it didn’t work out that way.  I let “my” money control me, run me, ruin me.  I filed bankruptcy, foreclosed on a home, still didn’t learn my lesson, and acquired more debt. Only by the conviction of the Holy Spirit and God placing people and processes in my life did I make it out. I learned to control my money and not let it control me. I learned that what we see, hear, and experience from this world, is not all good for me, and that less can definitely be more.

Though it’s not all bad, it just needs boundaries and perspective. 

What are we working for and whom are we working for? Keeping that perspective is powerfully important. It has taken me years upon years to learn, understand, and be comfortable with the fact I own nothing.

Jesus owns everything and gives me what I need. It is my responsibility to be grateful and take care of that He provides.

From the clothes on my back, the vehicles in the driveway, my marriage, my son and daughter, the money in the bank, the land I live on, it is all His. So when I work, I work for Him. He is my success.

All the while, hopefully leaving an impact that points to Jesus, my vision and focus.

Now this all sounds great! But I fail more than I succeed, and I have learned more and more each day how much I need the Gospel and Grace to live life well, every single day!  Literally!

With the many layers of business and the many different people and perspectives, in order to keep anything straight, Jesus needs to be the center of it all, if not we will truly loose our way. 

How do you keep Jesus at the center of your life?  

Arts and Entertainment 

As I look at the 7 cultural mountains, arts and entertainment is listed first.

I don’t think there is any relevance to the order, at least from what I’ve read and understand so far.

A brief understanding of the mountains will tell us from Revelation 17, that the mountains are where the whore sits, and is drunk on the blood of the saints. (verse 6 and 9.)

If I compare arts and entertainment from when I was a child, to today, and how perverse it has become, this was actually the first mountain I started guarding myself from.

Some would say it was extreme, but I threw away all secular music. Music is a powerful force in our society.  I’ve learned more about it’s power from my music therapist bride. How it taps into areas of the brain and causes people to remember, helps them walk again after strokes, helps people express themselves, when they can not by what we would consider “normal” means of communication.

Music is powerful and impacts our attitude and demeanor. So this was first on my list.

It took some time, but television was next. We don’t have a TV. First, financially, the cost to benefit of it just doesn’t balance itself out to our favor. It costs way to much, and to allow the sex, violence, and vulgarity into our house can be detrimental.

Please don’t think I believe this is the standard for all households, but just for ours. You are in charge of your house, and I judge not.

I would place social media into this category as well, though some may call it family, or even religion.

The power of social media in our lives is really a bit overwhelming.  The science behind how Facebook “likes” releases dopamine and provides a good positive feeling in a persons life can be very misleading.  Having so many “friends” on social media, however maybe not being engaged in live relationships, can be very unfulfilling when reality strikes.

I’m trying not to come at this next point from a spirit of judgement, but hopefully edification.

Pro sports:  from my view point it looks like we have elevated pro athletes as people held to a standard no one can maintain. We place unrealistic expectations on them because of “who they are” and their “influence,” both of which set them up for utter failure and our disappointment. They are fallen people in a fallen world who need Jesus just as much as you and I. Just because they make lots of money and are in the public eye doesn’t make them better than anyone else and we have done them an injustice.

As we run from the world, people, and true relationship, we find ourselves empty, unsure, confused, and afraid.

It is in relationships, as demonstrated by Jesus, where we love, build up, lift up, and help others, and ultimately ourselves, that the arts and entertainment can never fulfill and meet our needs as God intended.

No there is some great stuff out there yes! But we need to keep everything in check to ensure we aren’t giving it power over which causes us to stumble.

How does this category impact your life?

John 17 and the 7 cultural mountains 

So this is where I’m at right now. 

Actually, John 17 and not being of the world, but in the world.  Understanding the potential connection to the 7 mountains mentioned in Revelation 17 and the 7 cultural mountains that have been identified in our society and if and how they relate to each other. 

I see Revelation 17 in a spiritual sense and what the practical application looks like in today’s society and placing John 17 beside it for my life. 

Then hanging onto the beautiful gift of grace as I assess just how much I am of the world and these 7 mountains, and not just in it, and how I need to guard those gates into my life and work out my salvation with fear and trembling. Essentially pouring myself out so that He can fill me with Himself. 

The work that needs to be done in our life doesn’t help our salvation, but our sanctification. It is guarding our life and making changes in our life, not because we have to, but because I want to.  Because I love Jesus, because He loved me first.  

It’s knowing that there is nothing I can do in and of myself, but through the in dwelling Spirit, all things are possible to the glory of Jesus.  

The state of the world dictates we look to the Creator and not the created for our peace, as readily offered by Jesus in John 14. 

What parts of this world are you of and not in?

What of this world influences you?

Where do you find your peace?

If it’s not Jesus, is it really sustaining peace?