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At 1:47 I finish “Created.” (prior post)

At 1:50 I post it on FaceBook.

At 3:19 I receive the call from our

Church about them majorly blessing us

For our adoption.

It literally brings me to tears at my office.

This evening, while preparing for a harvest,

(The processing of 62 chickens raised specifically for meat)

I am having a conversation with a couple of brothers about


It’s 11:26 and I should be sleeping.

I can not.

Sabaktanei is Aramaic for the word forsaken.on the cross.

It is a word within the last words of Christ before He dies on the cross.

He died for me.

He died for you.

It is used 63 times in Scripture within the New American Standard Bible.

I have not checked it’s specific usage in each portion of Scripture.

In less than six hours I go from created, to blessing, to hell.

There is NO coincidence in life. None.




We are created by Him, for Him, through Him. Colossians 1:16-17

We are blessed by Him, for Him, through Him.

Hell is to be Sabaktanei by Him.





Forsaken by the Creator.

Blessings withheld by the Creator.

Hell without the Creator.


Some of you are in hell right now.

You do not know Him.

You have not love. True love.

It is not a love like the world loves.

It is vastly different.

If you have not love, you have not God. 1 John 4:8

We do not love as the world loves.

We love as we have been shown love.

A sacrificial love.

A love so deep.

A love so wide.

A love so vast.

That it cost a life.

The life of Christ, the only begotten son of God.

His love is the only perfect love.

For me.

For you.

So that,

We love as He has loved us. (As imperfect as we are)

To His glory

For our joy

A life blessed in His presence.

Because anything other than that,

Is a life Sabaktanei.

A life forsaken,

A life without God.

Please read Isaiah 55:6-7.