In the beginning…

So here we are, on the farm.  It took along time to get here, let me tell you. I look back at where I’ve been and where I am now and think, only God.

I don’t look back in the manner that Lot’s wife looked back, there is a difference. I don’t look back longing for what was, but I look back in appreciation for what was and how it has been used to create what currently is.

To see how God has used the things of my past to mold me, build me, and teach me, only God.

There are a lot of things in my past who make up the me of today, but my beginning I ear mark at the age of 14.  It was July of 1979 and the time my father died.

It’s good to know where you started, as it helps to guide the recollection of the past, that brought you to the present, and help guides you into the future.

Only God.

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