It was February 2nd, 1965. It was a cold and blustery day in Erie Pennsylvania, so says my mom and weather underground. Both temperature and wind in the teens. 

So comes the day of my birth. 

My dad worked for General Electric and my mom stayed at home. I don’t remember the house I lived in when I was born, but I do remember the home I grew up in!

It was a home that was 200 years old and was cut in two in order to be moved to a new location and foundation.  Really pretty amazing and cool. 

I had a small bedroom overlooking the front porch. The house was set back off the dirt road about 40 yards on a 5 acre lot not far from a creek. My little heaven on earth as we were totally surrounded by woods for what seemed like miles. 

My dad was quite handy, except for plumbing, and I never remember hearing my parents argue.  

He actually built a barn!  We had horses and a nice garden. 

I had the privilege of growing up with my grandparents from my moms side. I have very fond memories of them and the time we spent together. 

One of which, I would go up to their room after school and have cheese and crackers with them. I also remember getting my back scratched on occasion!  

I’m not exactly sure when we moved there, but we stayed up to the time I was 16 years old. 

It was a wonderful place to grow up!  

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