When disaster strikes at the very heart of your life, you discover quickly who your friends are. 

As my family was falling apart, there were key people in my life that really helped hold me together. 

Doug, for instance. My brother from another in the Corps. Would literally drag me out so I wasn’t a hermit and alone. John, we were bunk mates and got along very well. If I had a need he readily helped if he was able. 

Though my family didn’t know the depth of my pain, they were instrumental in helping me get back on my feet and putting my life back together. 

The blood that runs through our veins doesn’t always determine who our family really is for I had friends that stood by me closer than a brother. 

And then there’s Jesus, in that though I know I wasn’t following Him, He never left me nor forsook me. 

Something I came upon as I processed this season of my life. 

The blood of Christ

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