I had outfitted the Olds with a hitch and purchased a tow rig which attached to the bumper of the Mazda pickup via bolts. 

Like I said previously, the truck was packed!  

So off I went to Philly for the first leg of the journey. I don’t remember just how long I spent at each place, but it was great to see my family members. 

I then landed in Erie Pennsylvania to visit my folks. Upon checking out the connection of the tow rig to the truck bumper, the bumper was bending and tearing under the stress of being towed. It wasn’t going to make the trip! It had to be replaced with something much stronger to withstand the stress. 

I found a place that sells steel and purchased a rather thick piece of steel that was a little wider than the original bumper and just as long. I also bought pieces of steel and angle iron in order to bolt it directly to the frame. 

The idea was great, but I didn’t have the tools for the job. Fortunately, I had a neighbor, where I grew up, who was a machinist and had what I needed. He was a great help and it came together perfectly! 

So everything was replaced that needed to be and I was back on the road!  

Next stop Pittsburgh, onto Knoxville, then San Antonio!  

Remember my buddies 73 Mustang, well, though a fun little car, it had its issues. I don’t remember specifically what happened, but we needed to pretty much rebuild the entire front drivers side suspension. We were able to find the parts and a repair shop close by was willing to let us borrow what tools we needed. So there we were along the highway in Texas, tearing down and then rebuilding the suspension of his Mustang. 

I didn’t see Him then, but I see Him now.  God was with us the entire trip. That is just how great He is! The trip wasn’t without its troubles, but the solutions were never hard to find. 

Now to get my son and it’s Cali here we come!  

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