Monthly Archives: November 2016

Coast to coast

The absolute crazy things we do.

I had my orders to go from Cherry Point North Carolina to Camp Pendleton California.

Google maps has this as 2,693 miles at the quickest route. But do you think that’s what I did?  No way! The military will pack and ship your stuff as well, but do you think that’s what I did?  No way!

I traveled and visited every close family member between the two coasts.

I started from Cherry Point and headed to Philly to visit my brother and family. From there to Erie Pa to visit my folks, then to Pittsburgh to visit my sister and her fam.  I then went to Knoxville Tennessee to visit my sister and family, then onto San Antonio Texas to pick up my son.

Mileage to now travel, about 3,931 miles.

Now did I mention the military didn’t ship my stuff!  I had purchased a 1973 Olds 98 to make the trip. It cost me 500 dollars. No joke.  Behind it I towed a friends Mazda B2200 pickup truck that had a cap which was filled to the max with all my stuff and some of his things. He had the same orders I did and needed a way to get his truck out to Cali.

There was a third friend who also had the same orders I met along the trip, I think I meet him outside of Pittsburgh . He had a 73 Mustang II.

The back seat of the Olds seemed to be the size of a full size mattress, and the trunk, massive and packed!

So we not only went coast to coast, but from the top to almost the bottom of the country as well!

It was crazy, but tons of fun and very exciting.

My family was instrumental in helping me make the trip financially. As, well, if you read my previous blog post, I’m really good at figuring dollars and cents.

Have wheels will travel, and travel we did.