The wedding…

January 7th,2012

The day was here!

As bride and groom we really took a pretty good back seat to the planning of the wedding. We were included in some of the major decisions, but all in all our family and friends, that are like family, really took care of the bulk of it!

The added bonus was that my bride really did like surprises, so all in all it worked out well. A surprise wedding!

It was simple, but it was extravagant at the same time if that makes any sense.

We made sure certain people were definitely invited, however, we made it an open invite on social media.  As a result, we had over 200 people attend, packed the church, and it was standing room only!

For our wedding we really wanted to praise and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus. We wanted to be married in the midst of a worship service, and that’s what it was. Both my bride and I were on the worship team. We choose songs that represent the love of Jesus and His sacrifice for us and the grace offered because of Him. It was amazing and perfect.

The reception was simple, with snacks, cup cakes, a coffee bar, and the like. We stayed for a little while and socialized with everyone, cut the cake, and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Jesus had done an amazing work in our lives. He had washed away all the sin and pain. He had made us both new as individuals and then new as a couple.

He had returned what the locust had eaten and redeemed us.

There was some push back from some people because of our previous marriages. There were those who thought we would be living in sin if we got remarried because of our past.

Our Pastor, who was totally supportive, even told us in love, that the odds of our marriage working, based on statistics, is not favorable to be successful!

We listened, we studied the word, we talked to those who are so much more wise than us in understanding the Scriptures and Jesus’s remarkable gift of grace.

For it is by grace we have been saved. Not by works. This grace works through every fiber and thought of our being. It is what washes clean the very fabric of our lives, completely.

Our marriage represents His forgiveness and grace and His ability to redeem anyone and everyone from their past.


Our marriage represents the depth of His love for us and His desire to bless us because of His great love for us.

Now it’s time to love my bride as Christ loves His church.

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