Progress means “growth, development, advancement to higher stages,” as listed on

Progress is really subjective.

It starts with expectations that are formed through our belief system and worldview.

So, depending on how you see things around you, will really depend on whether you believe you are progressing or not. 

From a biblical worldview, what does progress look like?

Do you have what you want?

Do you have what you need?

Do you have what you SHOULD have?

Progress is really nothing more than a measurement.  It is this measurement which impacts our attitude. Are we happy, sad, joyful, angry, lacking, you fill in the rest.

As my bride and I were courting, we had many discussions about a lot of different things, one of which was where we believed God wanted us to live and what did He want us to do. 


Our relationship with Jesus as individuals is first and foremost. Second is our relationship with Him as a married couple.  From there everything else is established. 

We prayed. We studied. We talked about our past and our life experiences.  What were our skills? What were our life experiences around those skills? What moves our heart in those areas of our life?

We both had at least a little gardening and farm experience. My bride admittedly had more. 

 We both had a desire to be self sustaining. This is different than independent. Being self sustaining really needs to involve community. Independence involves yourself. But self sustaining is a topic for another day. 

Our progress started with a vision founded out of our past and desire. 

Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no vision, the people perish,”

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