Pilgrims Progress

We pulled into the drive way and parked. 

As we walked back through the field there is a pasture with one gate on the front and one gate on the side. There are two horseshoe pits adjacent the pasture. We keep going and pass two old apple trees.  Just a little further and there is a large area, about 20 feet square, that is nothing but high weeds and a few scrub trees. 

As we approach the wood line we walk up a slight hill. Just at the base of the crest of the hill is what appears to be a fairly large rock that is mostly buried. It’s here the vision hits me. 

The cross. 

It over sees the living area of the farm, much like Christ oversees our lives. 

The day we closed on the farm is the day we raised the cross just behind that rock, even before we moved a box into our new home. 

I have been told by more than one person that the hill leading up to the cross resembles the one described in The Pilgrims Progress. 

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