When we hear the word growth, we imagine children growing up into young adults, maybe a company that has done extremely well and is growing as a business. 

But growth doesn’t always mean moving forward, sometimes it is part of the learning curve of how to do things better. 

Our gardens have always done pretty well over all. There have been challenges when it comes to powdery mildew, (a destructive mildew to broadleaf plants), bugs like the vine bore, and then there’s groundhogs. 

We are trying not to use chemicals and keep things as organic and natural as possible. This means making sure we keep up on treatments and water management is a bit more challenging because timing is so very important. With both of us working a full time job and maintaining the gardens, this keeps us rather busy. 

And the elusive groundhogs are hungry and hard to catch. 

We planted 6 apple trees our second season, two of which survived.  Our berry patch was a total loss.  I can never remember to spray the apple trees with copper to help with those black spots on the apples. 

So, though everything wasn’t perfect, we learned what we are better at and are sticking with that for now. 

God gives us all giftings, so we are better at somethings than others, and the property is leaving us much to learn about and plenty of room to grow. 

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