Elijah. 1 Kings 19

When I think of God’s presence in my life, for some reason I always go to Elijah in chapter 19 in the book of Kings.

I can’t help but think of the mountain that Elijah was on, and the mountains we make in our own life and then look for God in the midst of the storms we have created by being so busy, and distracted by things, and wonder, where is God? Why can’t I hear Him?

It’s not until we calm ourselves, calm our life, and then…

…in the stillness of that moment, He is there, talking with us. Truth be told, He’s probably trying to get our attention the whole time and we’re just too busy to recognize that very fact.

So, the farm and God’s presence.

He is everywhere. From the star lit sky at night, to the sunrises and sunsets, to the different personalities of the animals and their specific likes and needs. To the lessons of what it means to be a shepherd. That’s a biggie!


The cross on the back of the property has been so much more than a symbol, a marker, an ebenezer; it’s been a place of literal regrouping, peace, and rest. The Lord has shown His presence in the calming of my spirit at the cross. I have seen Him in the forgiveness He has given me while confessing there. He has made His presence known in the wind, as it blows through the tree tops, causes them to dance and plays a tune. 

Life on the farm for me has not always been perfect. We will talk more about this soon. Much of this lack of perfect is my own doing, go figure.

There are things that get under my skin and I allow to create those storms mentioned earlier.

What gets in the way of my hearing God?


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