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7 mountain mandate/prophecy – dominionism

So, I’ve heard quite a bit lately and read a bit on what people are calling the 7 mountain mandate/prophecy, what ever it is to be called.

After reading Revelations 17, where the 7 mountains are mentioned, and comparing them to what people have draw up to be the 7 mountain mandate, I’ll finish this up here.

There are some people who feel that the mandate calls people into the 7 different areas of our society, as listed in the original blog post about 7 mountains. It originated out of the minds of men, to which I can not claim whether it is from God or not. It isn’t my call.

When I read about the 7 mountains the harlot sits on, I see that personally as a warning to me.

These are areas I need to guard myself against and ensure that I’m not of these areas. That, though I may be in them, there is no portion that has become an idol, a distraction, or otherwise dragging me into sin.

Essentially guarding my eye gates and my remaining senses, and not filling myself with the things of this world.

I’m grateful for my gift of grace as I live life and for my measure of faith, as I gaze upon the eastern sky, waiting for it to split and see my Savior ride in to take us home.