God, Country, Corps

My memory is really pretty poor to be honest. I wish I remembered more than I do. 

We had, from what I remember, a pretty decent apartment, not to far from Lackland Air Force Base. 

San Antonio is rich with history and things to see and do. The Alamo and the river walk, amongst many other things. 

A father of two boys and a husband. 

My life’s experience nor the Marine Corps prepared me for this task. 

What I do remember are my short comings. Not being the father my boys deserved and not being the husband my wife deserved. 

I do remember this like it was yesterday. My wife asked me to stay home because she really wasn’t feeling well after an outpatient surgery. I did not, stating I had to go to work. I’m sure if my priorities were right I could have and should have stayed home. 

For my failure, I am sorry. My wife deserved better. 

God, Country, Corps is so very wrong. 

God, spouse, family, then everything falls behind from there. 

Husbands, love your wife like Christ loves His Church.  Ephesians 5:25

He died for His Church. 

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