There are calls in the life of a police officer that never go away. They stay with you for life. 

The 16 year old that crossed the double yellow line and went head on into a Volvo. The driver of the volvo died instantly, the girl was choking on her own blood and died at the hospital. I was first on the scene and tried to open her airway. 

The suicide by shotgun. 

The juvenile bank robbers where the passenger was armed with a loaded handgun. 

Interviewing the two preteen girls because they were sexually assaulted by an adult. 

The homeless person without shoes who I bought shoes for. 

The middle school student who had a total meltdown because of their horrible place in life. In middle school. 

The multiple teens who had suffered physical injury at the hands of their parent. Taking them to the hospital for treatment and not being able to leave them. 

Then there are those more positive moments.

Getting a hand shake from a student who didn’t trust me to touch him as he feared I would arrest him. It took 180 days to build his trust and get that handshake. 

Mentoring programs. 

Numerous individuals who have become friends that I’ve been able to really help. 

Those I’ve arrested who have shook my hand after and thanked me for the respect I showed them. 

Imprints can definitely go both ways. 

God has been immeasurably good through all of it, though I don’t understand much of it. 

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