Life as a COP 

I spent about 7 1/2 years working the beat in Eastern District.

In that time I encountered quite a few experiences.

Family violence calls:

Brother beats brother in the head with a large glass ashtray.

Mother and son argument. The son is drunk and we find him upstairs with a loaded 38 pistol in his back pocket.

Domestic violence calls:

Husband and wife. Wife is very intoxicated and hiding in the bedroom and won’t come out. We go in to find her hiding under the covers and she won’t come out. Hoping she’s dressed, we pull back the covers.  She’s dressed, but has had way too much to drink and needs to go to the hospital.  We place her in cuffs to take her to the hospital and are met by her husband who has a handcuff key and doesn’t want her to go. It was the husband who called us in the first place, because they were fighting. 

We end up wrestling with him while she’s wondering around in the kitchen. Help comes and she goes to the hospital and he goes to jail.

Man with a gun:

Call for a male walking along the road with a handgun. I pull up on him and see a handgun in his right hand. I tell him to drop the gun. My gun is out and pointed directly at him. This was a residential neighborhood. Praise God he listened and did exactly what I told him. It was a pellet gun that looked just like my nine millimeter handgun.

Armed bank robbery:

There was a bank robbery and I went looking for the suspect vehicle. I see them coming my way and there is a lot of traffic. I turn my emergency lights on and all the traffic stops and blocks them in as a result. I get out and draw my weapon on the two of them. They are supposed to be armed with a handgun. Other officers arrive and we find the passenger of the car to have a loaded 38 handgun in his waistband. The driver wasn’t old enough to have a drivers license.

In the midst of seeing all the parents struggling with their children, I started a scared straight program for at risk kids. I partnered with a friend from juvenile services.  I had to do this on my own time, but it was well worth it.  I was able to keep the program going throughout the summer until the detention center had some security concerns and didn’t want the youth in there anymore. I had about 100 children go through.

A drug bust at a local bar with about 18 baggies of powdered cocaine.

The U Haul truck parked at Arundel Mills that was rented by the shop lifters I just arrested. It was filled with a lot of stolen property that had to be cataloged.

Domestic violence call where my partner is talking with the wife and I am talking with the husband. Come to find out he was sitting on a loaded shotgun.

There have been many pushed cars, rides given, and tires changed. Even tickets issued on occasion. One lady said that I was so nice she didn’t think she was getting a ticket. I kindly asked to, sign here X_________________.

These are just a few work stories, and then there’s my personal life!

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