Focal point or focal points 

It’s been about 24 days since I’ve written about my life’s reflections.

So as we start 2017, let’s get back to work.

From Dec. 7th post:

So I went on the blind date and it was actually a double date. The friends that set us up also joined us.  The date was a great time and we had a lot of fun. Putt Putt Golf and then dinner and drinks in Annapolis. I actually called out from work that night. I was working midnights at the time.

As time proceeded and we got to know each other, we fell in love and got married. We definitely had some great times living life together. She had a daughter, I had a son, and off we went. It surely wasn’t without its challenges, but things were good.

Reflecting back to my first marriage, I was very focused on my work, to a fault, which helped lead to the failure of my marriage. This time around I wasn’t as focused on work, but was definitely chasing the dollar. The difference was focus.  In the Marines it was work, in the department, it was the dollar. We were both working and trying to improve our quality of life. My overtime rate was pretty good and hard to turn down. So, for a number of different reasons, one being a true lack of focus in the right direction, our marriage didn’t work and after about 5 years when we got divorced.

There is a lot of muddy water to get to this bridge, but the end result was we were focused in the wrong direction and on the wrong things.

There needs to be only one true focal point to see all things through and that’s Jesus.

I hadn’t learned that yet.

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