I’m taking a short break from the timeline, but wanted to share a thought in response to a post I read awhile ago and that I have expanded upon my original response. 


But what a privilege it is to be in His kingdom. 

That despite my battle against cancer and to include Jesus’s faithful presence through it all and His eventual healing.

It was a healing that was according to His methods and timing, definitely not mine. 

To allowing me to be His ambassador in my marriage and trying to demonstrate through my marriage, His love and the relationship He desires with His Church. 

I can not and do not want to do this alone. I need Jesus with me. 

To now, becoming the father to a little girl and being an ambassador to her for our Father in heaven. 

It is Who I represent to her that is most important.  His character, His love, His long suffering. What a failure I will have become if all she see’s is her earthly father. 

A privilege. An honor, to be brought into the demonstration of His kingdom in such a manner. 

To be included and know that this is a task I am not alone in, for He has never left me and He never will. 

To also include my forever bride and the partnership we have in life. Learning what it means to live life well and to parent well, in hopes that it all points upwards towards our Father in heaven and He that is seated at His right hand, Christ Jesus. 

How far is God from us in this process called life?

I believe that in desiring and striving to live out this place well to His glory, by His grace, we are indeed closer to God than we realize.

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