Depending on the version of the bible you use, the term “stiff-necked” is used 19 times in the New International Version.  I believe it would be quite appropriate to have my picture next to the definition of this term.

I was never single for very long at any given point really.  I always felt the need to be in a relationship.  I did spend some time being single after my second divorce however.  It is the first time in my life really that I can remember ever really needing to be alone.

As time past and my heart healed, I hit the dating scene again.  I eventually found myself doing the online dating scene.  This was really interesting from a lot of different perspectives.  How you view yourself online and how others perceive you online.  Then there are how others present themselves online.  I met some rather interesting people, to include wife number 3.

Remember me talking about searching for something? Well I found it when we visited a relatives church who preached and spoke about the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

For some odd reason this struck a chord with me.

When we got home I ordered the book and started reading it.  The book presented what my heart was looking for.

While reading the book I had some questions.  It just so happened that the person who mentioned the book in his message also took a church in my area.

I sat on his couch and asked my questions, which during our conversation he offered me a relationship with Christ. I readily accepted.

My life hasn’t been the same since.

We ended up getting married, and yes divorced yet again, but despite my life’s problems, I knew I was different.

I now felt I had a purpose, I just didn’t know what that purpose was.



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