The Great Purge…

I’m not a hoarder, but I save stuff. I like to be able to re-purpose and reuse things without having to throw them away.

This purge looked like a lot of different things in a  lot of different layers , and it involved a dumpster.  A rather large dumpster.

Due to the lack of income from the divorce I was not able to keep up with the house payments.

I tried to do things the right way, but the bank was not willing to work with me. This happened at the same time the mortgage banks were operating in less than an honorable manner. 

So, I could not keep the house and I was blessed with finding a condo much closer to work. The problem was I had way to much stuff and couldn’t fit it all in the condo.  

I sold and gave away what ever I could. The rest ended up in the dumpster. Most really was of little value, but it filled the dumpster right to the top. It was a 20 yard dumpster I believe. 

When I was moving into the condo, I had a melt down because I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff I still had!  Clothes, nic-nacs, large collection of pottery. Stuff everywhere. 

So I continued to sell stuff.  The money I got from selling things I paid off debt. Things were working well. 

There were vehicles involved as well. Only the Lord’s timing when you can give a nice vehicle to a single mom desperately in need of a car. God is great!

So, stage one purge – materialism

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