Open doors…

The Lord has given me a few words throughout the course of my life.  The first keeping me from trying to kill myself, and then this word stop. At each word He’s given, it has always changed the course of my life, and need I say for the better.

The word stop was no different.  His words do not always mean that the change in life is going to be easy, but it does mean that change is needed. What we need to understand is that the course we are currently on in life isn’t going to be easy either, and if we do not change, which is undoubtedly going to be more difficult for us, our path or the Lord’s path?

I believe His path will lead to a better life without a doubt.

So He gave me the word stop.  I literally prayed my way through this season.  I had most always been in a relationship, so what did this look like for me? As I prayed, I would pray my need for Him and His Spirit to help me. That if I were to live a life being single, that I would trust Him, but that if I were to be in a relationship, it would have to be a woman of His choosing.  I did provide a laundry list of requirements of course.  That she be a woman of God. That she like the outdoors and be physically fit, to name a few.

The open door was my being able to register and attend college and take christian ministry classes to obtain my associates degree, to which after about 3 years I finally obtained my degree.

This was truly a season of hearing the Lord and seeing the Lord in my life. There were visions, dreams, revelations, all the things you read about in scripture. 

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