The Great Purge, con’t. still!

I really was not a very good student at all. My high school years I finished with a C.  You say this is average, but really I didn’t earn nor did I work for it. I feel I was more “pushed” through than anything else. It looks bad for a school to have kids fail and it usually impacts their funding. 

After high school I went to college and my schooling there was no different. I spent more time watching General Hospital with Luke and Laura running around Europe and playing the eight ball pinball machine in the game room more than concentrating on my school work. As a result I had. 1.34 GPA after 18 months.  Colleges give you what you’ve earned.  There is no pushing someone through. I dropped out and that’s when I went into the Marine Corp. (Abbreviated version)

So when I went back to college this time, I didn’t really expect anything but long hard miserable work. You know what, it wasn’t easy, but it went very well. At the end of my 3 years and associates degree I finished with I believe a 3.8 GPA. I give God all the credit!

I’m a foodie. I love food. I also have no willpower. So as I’m studying and working and trying to live life, I packed on weight. I tipped the scales at 230+ pounds and was five feet nine inches tall. 

As I’m walking my pup and conversing with the Lord, He gives me the word gluttony. Seriously!  I heard it as plain as day. 

I knew exactly what He meant. I needed to let go of the food and get myself into shape. It’s the later part of 2009 at this point. 

I went inside and within a day or two had come up with a plan and purged my cupboards. 

Now it gets real. 

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