Perfect: Part two

What is perfect timing? How do we know the timing is perfect? 

And why is it so very important?

Why did my college studies go so well at the start and then why did they tank and I end up quitting. 

Why didn’t I understand the moment God gave me that scripture, that I was the worst of sinners?

Why do I get stuck at that stinking red light?  All the time!

Why did we have the trials we did before we were able to have a daughter? 

Truthfully I really don’t know. But if someone pushed me for an answer I would have to tell them now, because God knows best. 

It wasn’t time for me to finish my studies. 

It wasn’t time for me to understand that Scripture. 

The light was red because God knows I really need it to be. 

And God knows the exact time our daughter was to be born at the perfect moment. 

All to God’s glory and His honor. 

I know there was a time I didn’t like this answer.  But in the grand scheme of God’s great plan of salvation and bringing His children to an understanding of Himself, He knows.

It’s my job to trust through faith.

And now I do!

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