Perfect: part three

Perfect timing. 

For me, it’s hard to grasp. Hard to see. Hard to predict. 

Perfect timing. 

I was not just doing my college studies, but personal biblical  studies also. 

I was steeped in prayer and worship and hearing God. Lots to write about, but maybe another blog post. 

I helped organize a regional prayer meeting with another local pastor friend. The goal was to bring unity of His local Church, through united prayer and see what our Father had in store for us. 

We had about 45 people, if not more, from I think some 14 different churches from the regional area attend. 

It was a Friday night and she was the worship leader for the prayer meeting. 

I saw her, met her briefly, thought she was nice, and went on my way. 

She invited me to a concert she was having at this same church the next night, to which I accepted. 

Like I said. I saw her, thought she was nice and went on my way. 

I had been single almost four and one half years.  I knew better.  I had met nice women before, so I really thought nothing of it. 


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