7 months

My bride and I both look back and are amazed at what the Lord has done in our lives both prior to us meeting each other and then together as husband and wife. 

Our relationship literally started with prayer. 

It was the sunrise prayer meetings that lead to the regional prayer meeting that lead to us meeting. 

Remember the word gluttony I received from the Lord about 18 months prior?  Well, the day we met I reached my goal weight of 170 pounds. 60 pounds in 18 months and I met my bride at the finish line. 

We saw each other three days consecutively: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. All at church. 

And the prayer did not stop. 

I had messed up every relationship I had previous, so I left everything up to Jesus, through prayer. 

Family and friends stepped in to help plan the wedding. The wedding dress was a family heirloom and was provided through what some would call chance, but we call providence. 

We were traveling to visit family out of state. We pit stopped and through conversation, they mentioned they had a particular wedding dress.  They pulled it out, my bride loved it. 


It fit perfect with no alterations needed. 

We talked and prayed through much if not all aspects of our relationship and marriage. Literally. 

We were talking about wedding rings and got stressed.  We were driving. I pulled over on Rt. 97 and we prayed. We found the perfect set soon after, like hours. Literally. 

It was an antique set that was obviously well cared for. 

We met at the altar. 

I proposed at the same altar in front of our church family. 

We were married at that altar in front of a sea of family and friends.  Over 200 people. Standing room only and most attended from an open invite on Facebook. 

The seven months sounds easy, but it wasn’t always. There were some very tough conversations working through the baggage of our previous lives. 

But there was always prayer and the faithful ear of Jesus, and all in 7 months. It was perfect. 

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