Sign posts in the desert of life

Without the Lord’s guidance in my life, my life would be much like a desert. It would be dry and lack life. 

I believe He offers us guidance along the way and here is why. 

It was in March of 2011 that I reached out to local churches to help a young adult senior at the high school I was working in. The lack of care by her parents was threatening her not being able to graduate. 

Rather than make phone calls, I physically went to the local churches in the area looking for a temporary housing solution. 

I should note this started by a social worker friends request. 

I went to five different churches.  I don’t say this lightly. I was very kindly blown off by all but one. One church found two families willing to take this girl in. 

This broke my heart for the Church, so I started monthly sunrise prayer meetings in the middle of Glen Burnie to try and figure this problem out. It was a Facebook event and open to everyone. 

We would have 7-8 people from 4 different churches on average. Not bad for 3 prayer meetings over 3 months. 

It was Easter Sunday morning that my pastor friend came and caught the vision. Hence the regional prayer meeting on June 9th.  

Through the brokenness of His Church, Christ spurred me on to pray, help to unite His Church, and in the midst give me my bride. 

By serving His bride, he gave me mine. 

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