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The Great Purge…

I’m not a hoarder, but I save stuff. I like to be able to re-purpose and reuse things without having to throw them away.

This purge looked like a lot of different things in a  lot of different layers , and it involved a dumpster.  A rather large dumpster.

Due to the lack of income from the divorce I was not able to keep up with the house payments.

I tried to do things the right way, but the bank was not willing to work with me. This happened at the same time the mortgage banks were operating in less than an honorable manner. 

So, I could not keep the house and I was blessed with finding a condo much closer to work. The problem was I had way to much stuff and couldn’t fit it all in the condo.  

I sold and gave away what ever I could. The rest ended up in the dumpster. Most really was of little value, but it filled the dumpster right to the top. It was a 20 yard dumpster I believe. 

When I was moving into the condo, I had a melt down because I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff I still had!  Clothes, nic-nacs, large collection of pottery. Stuff everywhere. 

So I continued to sell stuff.  The money I got from selling things I paid off debt. Things were working well. 

There were vehicles involved as well. Only the Lord’s timing when you can give a nice vehicle to a single mom desperately in need of a car. God is great!

So, stage one purge – materialism


Depending on the version of the bible you use, the term “stiff-necked” is used 19 times in the New International Version.  I believe it would be quite appropriate to have my picture next to the definition of this term.

I was never single for very long at any given point really.  I always felt the need to be in a relationship.  I did spend some time being single after my second divorce however.  It is the first time in my life really that I can remember ever really needing to be alone.

As time past and my heart healed, I hit the dating scene again.  I eventually found myself doing the online dating scene.  This was really interesting from a lot of different perspectives.  How you view yourself online and how others perceive you online.  Then there are how others present themselves online.  I met some rather interesting people, to include wife number 3.

Remember me talking about searching for something? Well I found it when we visited a relatives church who preached and spoke about the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

For some odd reason this struck a chord with me.

When we got home I ordered the book and started reading it.  The book presented what my heart was looking for.

While reading the book I had some questions.  It just so happened that the person who mentioned the book in his message also took a church in my area.

I sat on his couch and asked my questions, which during our conversation he offered me a relationship with Christ. I readily accepted.

My life hasn’t been the same since.

We ended up getting married, and yes divorced yet again, but despite my life’s problems, I knew I was different.

I now felt I had a purpose, I just didn’t know what that purpose was.




Divorce is never good, never easy, and this one was no exception.  I was pretty wrecked.  Not as wrecked as divorce number 1, but still not good. I felt I needed a change of scenery and to be away from the hustle and bustle of life. I was able to find the cheapest, lowest affordable rent on Turkey Point Island. This is a nice, out of the way, small and quiet community.  It was perfect!

Work was going OK. My son had moved back to live with his mom, so I just had me and my dog for the time being.  It was a great place to regroup and get my feet back on the ground.

During my second marriage I had been feeling this tug on my heart.  Looking back now, I know Who it was, but when I was in the thick of it, marriage, life, hearing this whispers, I had no clue it was God calling my heart.

I studied quite a few different philosophies, religions, ideologies, looking for something to resonate with my heart.

Christianity was the one that filled the void, but it surely took a long time.  I haphazardly checked out some churches, but I was still distracted with life, but then there were, are, those whispers.

The best scripture I can relate this to is Elijah’s journey up the mountain of God.

See 1 Kings 19