Where has the time gone?

Ten months. It’s been almost ten months since I’ve used this space.

Every aspect of life has continued to grow.


Squish is now a toddler. She’s an amazing little girl and is so much fun. Even at her age, to see her mimic aspects of worship when at church is heart warming. She raises her hands, cheers, and applauds. She holds our hands when we pray and bows her head. When we say “in the name of Jesus, amen” she has this huge grin and claps.

She’s climbing everything and is showing she’s going to be a tough independent strong woman if she continues in this direction.

Where would we be with out Grammy and Papa! How she loves them and their time together. They are such a loving and giving part of our lives and a true blessing.

We are actually grandparents! Oh my! To have a little granddaughter who is so tiny and wonderful. Such a full heart!

My boys…I’m so very proud of the men they have grown to be.

Marriage is amazing. Definitely not always easy, but just amazing. Being able to talk through issues and work as a couple, makes me so grateful for the work Jesus has done in our lives as individuals. It is that continued work that is foundational in the life of our marriage.

Beautiful grace…


I have truly learned this farm does not belong to us. I used to stress about not being able to get things done around here. There is so much! But this belongs to Jesus and though we are the stewards of it, He will make a way for what He wants done, and not necessarily what I want done.


Work has been off the chain good. Being able to work with our communities and hopefully helping them to live life well is fulfilling. And having the opportunity to work with our church community is an answer to prayer.

More on the farm next. 😁

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