Life and lessons…

I think I’ve said this before, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written.

In a couple months Carol Sue will be two years old! She’s already a toddler!

How is time going by so fast! Part of me wants it to slow down, but yet another does not.

With life and time together brings lessons which are so very valuable. The more I think I know, the more I realize I do not have a clue.

A major lesson for me this year has to do with the farm and the myriad of different things that “must” happen.

Our list consisted of painting pretty much everything on the property. As well as finally finishing enclosing the pole barn. Figuring out the electrical problem with the old ’49 Fergie tractor. Clearing the fallen trees off the back road. Gutters on all buildings.

So what got done.

None of it.

What did we get done:

Grass was mowed, gardens planted and maintained, animals are healthy and cared for, the immediate backyard is getting fenced in.

The lesson learned:

I firmly believe that Shiloh’s Farm belongs to Jesus and we are just the stewards of this little slice of heaven on earth. If we are paying attention to what He is saying, we will be on point with what He wants done.

The lesson: people over property.

What does this mean? It means we need to focus on the people God has given us to love and care for. If we are so busy and stressed about doing the farm chores, we miss out on being able to help others with their needs and sharing one another’s burdens. Galatians 6:2

It doesn’t even mean only sharing in their burdens, but just hanging out and enjoying the company of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Uniting in the spirit with other believers brings strength and edification. It brings much needed correction and wisdom. It allows Jesus to use others to sow into our life and us to sow into the lives of others.

It means not forgoing gathering together. This is more than just for corporate worship!

So, people over property.

It could be people over ___________.

And you fill in the blank if need be.

Shiloh’s Farm is a holy place where the Lord just doesn’t grow veggies and keeps animals. He teaches and grows us into His likeness.

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