The personal side

I lived with my brother and his family for about a year and then it was time to go. It wasn’t my idea, they needed to prod me a little and provided a very reasonable deadline. They were so very helpful and gracious. There is no way I could have done the previous year without them. 

I don’t believe in luck, so as God would have it, He provided me my new place to live. 

Remember how I patrolled Cape St. Clair?  Well, within this community is a marina. In the middle of this marina was a small empty house and the owners were looking for someone to help with security. Sounds like a great match doesn’t it!  It was that salty field training officer that helped me make the connection. 

Only God. 

We moved in and lived there for about a year or so. It was a perfect set up. The elementary school where my son attended was awesome and the baby sitter I found!  She was a God send as well. 

Seriously, this arrangement was a gift from God. The house was great. Two bedrooms, 1 bath. Decent size kitchen and an awesome living area. Also it’s own washer and dryer. And the fire place was great!


I was what you would consider a serial monogamist. I was always in a relationship. I cheated on one girlfriend, to which I felt so guilty, I ended the relationship. I never cheated again. 

I was in a place where I was actually single for a short time and my friends from work set me up on a blind date. 

As things worked out, we fell in love and got married. This was 8 years from my divorce. 


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