5 years

Have you heard the phrase, “If I knew then, what I  know now…”

The fact of the matter is, we really have no clue what our future holds as we live this life here on earth.

As Christ followers, we know where our home is, but while we are on the journey home, the best we can do is keep our eyes on the risen Son, and try as best we can to stay true north, not to waiver to the left or right.

Today marks my bride’s and my five year anniversary.  I’m blown away. I simply can’t believe it. I never in my wildest dreams and wishes would have imagined being here, at this place in life.

I have learned so very much, grown a lot, though not enough, and feel buried in blessing.

As a human being walking this earth, I say I do not deserve any of the favor God has given me, as I know I am the worst of sinners.  However, as one of the redeemed through Jesus Christ, I say thank you Jesus.

I have been given charge over a great deal. From my personal life; my bride, my sons, the farm, the animals, and now a beautiful little girl. To much for anyone walking this life by anything other than faith, for if I were to walk by sight, I would be overwhelmed and missing the mark far more than I am. (I do miss the mark, but for God’s grace)

I have come to learn, and still am, the concept of sacrificial leadership. To try and lead my house by example. To lead my house through sacrifice, maintaining a regard and love for the Word of God and Christ’s loving sacrifice and the grace offered through His spilled blood.

I have come to learn, that I own nothing, not even myself, and that I am to steward all that has been given me.  I have been bought with a price. All that I have belongs to Jesus and upon His return I hope and pray, through the help of the Spirit, that I will hear, “well done good and faithful servant.”

I have come to learn there is no greater ministry than to lead my house well.  That, as the groom to my bride, so I represent Christ being the Groom to His bride, the Church. That, to my children, I represent a most holy God and Father. To know that I fall short in all areas keeps my vision and focus on Christ, as it is through His Spirit I find comfort and help. 

As much as the Lord has expanded my heart, my love, over these past five years, it leaves me excited and expectant for what He has for me and my family in the days to come. 

Thanks be to God. 

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