What’s it all mean?

I really like to know the meaning behind things and I see it so much better now, then I could see it then. 

Having purged my house of stuff and more stuff. Having purged my life of relationships. Having purged my body of food. 

Wow! I see my life having been purged of idols. And I just now see that. As I reflect back on my studies and conversations I’ve had with pastors in that time period, it is all about the idols that I had in my life. All of it. 

I remember having talks about raising up prayer altars and where Satan has altars of his own and how we need to claim the ground that the Lord has given us under the soles of our feet. Idols. 


The Lord wants to be first in my life and rightly so. 

When I look at all that the Lord has restored in my life, I know where it came from and Whom it came from. I know that I am responsible for taking care of it and that it doesn’t belong to me. 

Everything I have, from property to relationships, belongs to God. 

I am His steward and ambassador. 

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