There are areas of my life that I can be kind of OCD about. Being on time is one, but I can be late. So my OCD doesn’t outway my ability to be timely, it just really bothers me. 

Being able to complete certain projects is another. I’m speaking to my schooling. Though my college classes started out great, by the time I had one semester left I was falling apart. My studies were a HUGE struggle for me. I felt overwhelmed, unorganized, and really like I needed to stop. But then I’m one semester away from finishing I’d tell myself. I took some time off from my studies to try and regroup, but that didn’t work so I quit.  The relief I felt was fantastic. I did not like quitting, but the balance of my life came back. 

I was also working out and eating like I never had before. 

When I started my life change, because I have no will power and no clue about food, I went with nutrisystem to learn and retrain myself. 

It worked well as it taught me to count calories, portion size, and I was able to add food to what they provided, so that still left me some control, as long as I was within my daily calorie intake. 

It only took about 45 days and I was able to venture out on my own without nutrisystem. 

I learned I have NO portion control when it comes to chips, ice cream, and the like, so I couldn’t and didn’t buy them. If I did I would crush the entire container. 

It took 18 months, a lot of miles running, swimming, and biking, but in that time I lost 60 pounds and about 6 inches off my waist. 

God’s timing is the right timing.  More on this coming up. 

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