Perfect: part four


There are times it goes by so slow.

There are times it goes by so fast.

And yet there are times it seems to disappear all together.

From our earthly vantage point it may all seem totally wrong and inconvenient.

But it is perfect despite our perception.

Perfect timing.

The concert was called a sensory friendly concert. It was to be a venue for people on the autism spectrum to have access to the fine arts, as well as an opportunity for them to show off their individual musical talents.

I arrived and sat towards the middle back on the left facing the stage.

I saw people I hadn’t seen in years!  That was a surprise!

As I sat and watched the concert I was blown away at the impact it had on the musicians involved and their families.

It was so impactful I was moved to tears.

It was so impactful I had to offer to help.

After the concert I reintroduced myself and as the conversation continued, she was developing a non profit and was looking for board members. As I was working community relations in the police department and working with youth at the time, it seemed like a good fit.

My church was also having a meeting the next day, Sunday,  with people from the county about developing a worship service for people with special needs. I invited her to the meeting.

Perfect timing.

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