That Sunday, after the meeting, we talked in the church parking lot for hours. There were lightening bugs everywhere! Literally hundreds upon hundreds of them everywhere. It was miraculous!

I didn’t see it in the moment, but the Lord opened my heart that weekend. 

I didn’t know it for certain until June 21st, that the Lord used the pray meeting on June 9th to introduce me to my bride. 

My bride knew it immediately as the Lord told her directly. After we met ever so briefly that Friday, after the prayer meeting, she turned around to pick up her stuff and the Lord spoke to her and said: “You just met your husband.” She turned around to see who was talking to her, but no one was there, just the Lord. 

It was the morning of June 21st that I was talking with the Lord and I told Him that if this was the woman He chose for me, she would have to bring up in conversation about us being in a relationship. 

Six hours later we were having that conversation, started by her. It was under the tree she had prayed about our relationship with a friend just the day before. 

We were married seven months later. 

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